Our Amazing Contributors

Our contributors are AMAZING. Our Vision started with one single mom and look at how we've grown! Our staff includes daughters, aunts, grandmoms & sisters.  ScreaminMamas would not be possible without them so let's take a moment to mention these great ladies:


  1. Darlene Pistocchi - Founder, Editor, Writer, Designer, Publisher

  2. Denise Marie Weatherby - Stories, Postmaster, Keeper of the Books

  3. Deanna Wolverton - Georgia Division, Whipping Post, Blogger  

  4. Janine Taranto - Arizona Division, Kiddy Corner

  5. Linda Seccaspina - Feature Stories, Humor, Brilliant Writer

  6. Marcella Kumer - Poetry, Short Stories

  7. Sandra Lemire - Writer, Strategist, Consultant

  8. Susan Clausen - SPECTACULAR illustrator, Design Studio

  9. Amy Neal - A Slice of Life - All Star Blogger

  10. Anita Stafford - Recipes, Writer, Guest Blogger

  11. Carol Liguanti - Guest Blogger - Nature Girl 

  12. Carole Christman-Koch - Short Stories, Nostalgia, Supporter

  13. Debbie Murphy - Writer, Humor, All Star Blogger

  14. Lisa Cummings - Writer, Guest Blogger

  15. Patricia Lynne - So Now You're 62 All Star Blogger

  16. Paula Timpson - Divine Poetry -  All Star Blogger

  17. Ruth Lee - Poetry, Short Stories, All Star Blogger 

  18. Diane De Anda - Writer, Contributor, Supporter

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