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  • darlene
    Jul 8, 2018

    Way back in 1996, when my daughter was born, my son was 15 months old and I found myself screaming non-stop, day and night. And so I drew a stick figure of a screaminmama and kept it throughout the years with the thought that one day I would join other screaminmamas and have some fun. Years later, in 2012, when the kids were a bit older, I found that stick figure and started the process of creating a network of everyday moms, because coming across so many every day, I was just amazed at how truly awesome they all are. With the help of some contributors, Screamin got a touch up and some color and here we are. Proud to be a part of so many amazing women. Proud to share their work, publish where I can, and encourage as often as I can. I thank my sister, Denise, my other sister, Deanna, and my still other sister, Corinne, for being there with me at the start and helping to make it happen. - Darlene "Screamin" Pistocchi. xox
  • darlene
    Jul 5, 2018

    Well, what can I say? When they were babies I couldn't wait til they were 7 or 8, so I wouldn't have to chase after them all day. When they turned 7 and 8, I couldn't wait til they were teens so they could mind after themselves. When they became teens, I couldn't wait til they were young adults so they would be independent. They are young adults and still trying to find their way... with the help of mom, of course. What can I say now? I love them with all my heart and want them sincerely to succeed. A mother's job is NEVER done, but I suppose that's the beauty of it all. Never a dull moment. Aside from jet-setting around the world as the famous published author I know I'm destined to be (a mom can dream, can't she?), I truly can't live without them. And then there is always the hopeful thought of darling little grandchildren.
  • screaminmamas
    Jun 23, 2018

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